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Burning permit

You want to burn leaves and branches? Do not forget to get your burning permit from the Municipality! The burning permit is available free of charge from April 1 to October 31 inclusive.
Please allow 24 hours for the permit to be issued.
You can make the request by going to City Hall, by phone according to our schedules or by email at info@municipalitedefranklin.ca
Why ask for a burning permit?

In our municipality, we are fortunate to have several agricultural lands, but also a lot of woodland and forest, not to mention our magnificent maple groves and it is our duty to protect these places and properties.

Did you know that it only takes a few days of sunshine, a little wind and a split second to lose control of a fire?

The issuing of burning permits allows us to stay on the lookout and follow the recommendations issued by the SOPFEU and then to inform our Fire Safety Department of any activity in this regard.

The permit is valid for 5 days and allows you to burn leaves and branches.

In addition, it protects you from civil liability in the event of a disaster, but only if you are not negligent. On the other hand, the fact of not being in possession of a license may be costly in the event of a loss of control resulting in damage, the minimum regulatory fine being set at $500.

Note that only campfires lit in a specially designed fireplace do not require a permit.

Please visit the SOPFEU website for more information.